Sister Jenny Multi-Purpose Cream Testimonials

  • Clinical Nurse Practitioner explains how she gets faster results of healing on wounds and leg ulcers. Highly qualified and experienced and specialising in wounds care

  • Medical Doctor who has been using our products since 1994

Dear Sister Jenny, greetings to you.

I just wanted to let you know the Jen-Til creams which I started using personally and for my patients since 1994/95 is excellent.

The Multi-Purpose cream has been a wonder cream for all sorts of ailments, from small burns in the kitchen to injuries, contusion, muscular pain, headaches and body aches and insect bites. My daughter who is a dance artist always keeps one with her and uses it frequently for muscular pains and bruises or cramps. My patients have been very happy with this cream.

Also I have been happy with the Joint and Muscle cream. It really works. Some of my arthritic patients use this and so do I.

The Baby cream has been very handy for some mothers for nappy rash and as body moisturiser and also eczema.
I thank you for introducing me to this cream as I personally always use it.

I wish you success.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Dr. Naran.

  • The pain in her legs is also much better

Dear Sister Jenny

My mother has been struggling with painful legs for very long.

Last year she landed in hospital for 3 weeks and we were worried that she might lose her leg.

Afterwards she was still suffering a lot of pain.

About 3 months ago I was walking in the Hyperama in Menlyn and a lady asked if she could massage my shoulders with your multi purpose cream.  While she was doing so she informed me of all the ailments that this cream would help to relieve.  She even called you from her cell phone and I asked you which cream you think would be best for my mom.

I promised that I would give you feedback.

I bought the one with the purple lid (multi purpose massage cream).  My mother says that it is the first time in months that she does not have constant pain.  She might still get a shooting pain from time to time (especially at night) but she says there is a vast difference.  She even took it to her docter and told him that your cream did what none of his or the specialists' medicines could do.

She is telling all her friends about it.  I told one of my friends, who bought a jar for her aunt, and she informed me this morning that her aunt now also swears by it.  The pain in her legs is also much better.

I use the red one, for joints, on my own wrists that ache from time to time and I can feel a difference.

I now promote your products everywhere I go.



  • I had bad hands due to chilblains

Sister Jenny, you were my life saver. I had bad hands due to chilblains, they itched like crazy, the skin was red and purple blood would ooze out of the cracks. When I had my hands in water they would pain and have a dark colour. I was ashamed to show my hands. I tried all types of creams and pills the chemist, doctor gave me, which never helped. Sister Jenny, the Jen-Til Multi-purpose cream did the wonderful healing to my hands, fingers no longer purple and all the cracks are all gone. My hands are back to normal

THANKS TO JEN-TIL I thank you ever so much


  • Dry & cracking skin on her fingers and hands

Hi Guys, 

My wife Yvonne has just started using the Multi-Purpose massage cream, for dry & cracking skin on her fingers, after using a myriad of other treatments.

She uses the cream during the day as a lotion, but applies it liberally at night before bed & wears thin plastic tissue gloves to cover the cream whilst sleeping.

After only 5 days she has seen a definite improvement in the condition of the cracks and the skin is no longer dry but once again becoming soft, smooth & flexible.

Her only problem is the tub that the cream is sold in is a little large for her hand bag and she would like to know if it is available in a tube that could be carried easier in her bag.  

Thanks & regards,

Melvyn & Yvonne 


Cape Town

  • Two brown spots I have on my left hand

Dear Sister Jenny,

You were doing a promotion at Northgate Shopping Centre a few months back and you introduced me to Jen-Til Cream for dry skin. I use other creams on the market for my skin after a bath or shower, but your cream I used on my hands.  Each night before going to bed I would rub it into my hands.  Especially on two brown spots I have on my left hand.  These two spots are close together. I was having trouble with one spot as it had become very sensitive to touch and also during the day I could feel something was not right there.  I concentrated on this spot at night time and massaged the cream into it.

Well today I can tell you it has completely healed.  It is still slightly pink but there is no tenderness there at all.  I will continue to massage it with JEN-TIL CREAM at night to see what happens. 

Wish you well with your product.   

God Bless. 


  • I suffer from Neuropathy

Dear Sister Jenny

I was lucky enough to be given Jen-Til by a friend.  I suffer from neuropathy.  My hands always ach from my condition.  I apply Jen-Til often throughout my day and it provides relief right after I put it on.  Thank you for creating such a cream!



Palm Springs, CA 


  • I am an avid sailor

Hi Sister Jenny

Jen-Til is really amazing! I am an avid sailor and am always suffering bruises, wet suit rashes and bangs. I have tried many products in the past, but have never found one that is as effective in treating bruises, strains, scar tissue, wound, insect bites, dry skin, pimples – you name it! Jen-Til really is superbly effective. What really amazed me is how fast it got rid of a haematoma from a bad bang that just was not going away at all – until I used Jen-Til

I highly recommend this product!

Best wishes,


  • I can be without face cream, body cream, but never ever Sister Jen-Til

Dear Sister Jenny,

After a year your cream has become a brand of choice in my house. 

The 1st day after receiving a free shoulder massage at the ACSA Disability EXPO in 2010, I was hooked.  Sitting for long hours in a wheelchair can really work in ones shoulders, so come night time, my shoulders get rubbed firstly with the multipurpose cream, then with the joint and muscle cream.  The multipurpose cream can even be used by slightly rubbing some over the nose bridge, to open a blocked nose due to hay fever.

When my brother complained about the ugly scar on his forehead after a car accident, I suggested that he use the multipurpose cream, lo and behold, it helped.  Today only a hairline thin mark reminds him about the scar.

I can be without face cream, body cream, but never ever Sister Jen-Til………



  • Finest Skin cream I ever used

Last year I visited the Johannesburg area and purchased a small jar of Jen-til Multi-purpose massage cream from a young lady in a drug store. It is without a doubt the finest skin cream I have ever used. I could do a commercial about this stuff. I am 62 years old and my hands are completely healed and soft for the first time in 30 years! Is it sold anywhere in the USA? If not, how can I order 12 jars or more directly from you? I already know the shipping will be expensive.

Thanks in advance.

Carol USA

  • Rash under breasts

I was given a little drop of this cream to try on a rash I have under my breasts.  It worked wonderfully.

Could you please let me know where in Cape Town I can purchase this cream or how do I go about getting some.

Please answer this e-mail as I am desperate.

Thanks & Regards



Sister Jenny Joints and Muscle Cream Testimonials

    • Walk without pain

      We have recently started to use your cream.  My husband uses the joint cream as he can normally not use his knees (stand up, walk) and he' sonly 40.  Your cream enables him to WALK without pain. Please let me know where i can order more.  Also i'd like to order the multipurpose as well.  Can you let me know where and costs?  Do you sell it at retail shops?

      Kind regards

      Cathy E 

        • Diabetic has got problems with feet

          Dear sister Jenny                  

          I spoke to you a few days ago at steeldale pick n pay hypermarket.

          My brother had a severe stroke last year, He then went for therapy he can not talk proper like us  he could not move his leg his right hand is always close but then i bought your joint and muscle cream he can now keep his leg up for a very long time his hand is also improving

          i just want to thank you from my heart.

          As for myself am a diabetic has got problems with my feet i could not sleep at night then one of your ladies told me to use the multi purpose massage cream it realy works like magic.

          My feet are no more aching.

          Regards Debbie

            • I found one that actually DOES work!

              Dear Sister Jenny,

              I strongly believe in giving credit where credit is due and giving praise when it is deserved and the Jen-til Joints Special Cream really does deserve a round of applause as far as I'm concerned. There are so many creams and potions on the market and many of them do not do what is claimed they can, so you will pardon my sarcasm when I say I had to drop you a line when I found one that actually DOES work!

              I play guitar and need the fingers of my left hand especially, to be flexible. From time to time the index finger on my left hand becomes stiff and too painful to bend. The pain occurs on the upper side of the finger, between the nail and the knuckle.

              A while ago I saw this jar of Jen-til Joints Special Cream in the cupboard and in desperation, decided to try it. I started treatment that night and repeated twice the next day. I am happy to say that within two days I could close my fist completely now with only an inkling of pain, where I could hardly bend my index finger the day before. Whether or not it is due to the cream I am not sure, but I have not had that pain since, and it has been nearly 3 years!

              More recently I developed tennis elbow from trimming trees and shrubs in the garden. I rubbed the cream over the affected areas and next day the pain was gone. I would recommend the Jen-til Joints Special Cream to anyone because it certainly works for me.

              Kind regards,


                • I heard a Talk Radio 702 show

                  Dear Sister Jenny 

                  I am writing to you to tell you my story.  About 30 years ago I slipped my U5 disc and as I got older I found that every morning my neck ached badly and in spite of trying countless pillows to no effect I resorted to taking one generic of Syndol which took the ache away within an hour.  It wasn’t until I heard a Talk Radio 702 show with Aki Anastasiou dealing with whip lash injuries that I realized that the ache in my neck was actually caused by a motor accident I had 12 years ago.  Apparently whip lash injuries are more than often (if untreated at the time) never go away.

                  During the discussion a lady called in and unconditionally recommended your Joints cream saying that it appeared to only be available at PnP Hypermarkets.  We rushed off and bought some, I had only tried it for 3 days and told a male friend about it, obviously I could not recommend it at that early stage, he had an arm injury that had been troubling him for many years and unable to straighten his arm completely.  

                  It is 3 months now since using the cream – and wonder of wonders I no longer have any morning neck pain at all, it is the same story for our friend, actually neither of us need to use it any more as both of us have found the cream to be totally effective. 

                  In addition, our friend’s mother (aged 92) was here from Scotland for 2 weeks, she used the cream on her ‘curled’ hands and almost immediately felt the benefit, to the point that her hands were almost straight when she left.  Needless to say some of your tubs of cream are now in Scotland.

                  I just wanted to you to know, that even though we have no present use for the cream – good news, bad news!, We shall be ambassadors for your cream whenever the opportunity arises.

                  Heartfelt thanks,


                  Sister Jenny Baby & Skin Cream Testimonials

                    • She has almost no trace of chickenpox scars

                      Dear Sister Jenny

                      I got to know about your "miracle cream" in October 2007, by chance one day when I walked in to Checkers Hyper in Parow, Cape Town.  As I entered the store, you walked up to me, introduced yourself as "...Sr. Jenny", followed by an introduction to your "miracle cream".  I must admit, I wasn't impressed at first and I walked away after you had applied the cream to my forearm.  It felt good, but I left it at that.

                      A month later, my 4 year old daughter contracted chickenpox and as a pediatric nurse my first thought was "Calamine lotion", which I bought and applied to my daughter's body.  She cried bitterly and complained of pain and itchiness.  As a mother, this was too much for me to bear and I could not tolerate her suffering. Somehow, I remembered your "miracle cream" and I drove 25km from where I live (Southern Suburbs) to Checkers Hyper in Parow (Northern Suburbs) and bought 3 pots of the Jen-til BABY cream.  At that stage I wasn't even sure if the cream was going to work or not, but the fact that it was a natural product kept me going.

                      I must add that, to apply any other, unknown cream such as yours would be considered as "unconventional treatment" for chickenpox in pediatric medicine and has no scientific evidence base.  Well, I was going to take the chance.  With the 3 pots of cream in my hand, I rushed home, bathed my daughter - who at that stage was besides herself with discomfort from the pruritis - and I applied the "miracle cream".

                      My daughter had a peaceful night's sleep with no complaints of itching or any other discomfort related to the chickenpox. In fact, she has been sleeping through every night ever since, because she used to wake up in the middle of the night and walk to my bedroom.  

                      Since then, I have only been using your cream on her body and she has almost no trace of chickenpox scars.  I have been telling all my friends and colleagues about your "miracle cream" and the fact that it contains natural oils makes it particularly safe to use. 

                      I suggest you add chickenpox to your list, because after just 4 days of use, my daughter was able to participate in a photo shoot at her school for which she was selected two weeks prior to contracting the chickenpox. There was no obvious trace of chickenpox reflected on the photo, which was published in a prominent children's magazine in February. 

                      I salute you for developing this special cream that can bring healing and comfort to many.  Well done!!! 


                      Cape Town

                        • Not eczema but her doctor says its something like that

                          Good Morning Sister Jenny

                          I would love to take this opportunity and send out my greatest gratitude to you for inventing your products. I called you on the 23/09/2008 as I have been having problems with my baby's skin. I explained that she has very sensitive skin, I have to use non fragrance products on her. I received a pamphlet of yours and after reading testimonies I decided to give it a try.

                          At this stage Cailegh also developed a temperature as a result of her skin reacting that way. She usually gets this type of skin ending winter and beginning Spring, it is not eczema but her doctor says its something like that, her skin is all dried out and it even looks sunburned and it ends up bruising on her face , the back of her arms and thighs as well.

                          I bought a bottle of the Jen-Til Baby Massage Cream, I started using it on the 25/09/2008, and she had a very high temp on that same day. I put her in cool water, to drop her temp and massaged her with this cream and mind you she gave me a sleepless night the night before, whilst massaging her, she actually fell off to sleep and was very peaceful after her massage with the cream, and by the Sunday the 28/09/2008, all the dry skin and bruised skin all disappeared and she was back to her normal self. 

                          I would gladly recommend this to anyone with babies, whether your baby has a good skin or irritable skin, use it, it is well worth it and I wish that Sister Jenny will start making body washes for babies using the same type of ingredients. God Bless you in abundance and I thank the Lord for using you and for giving you the wisdom to invent this cream.

                          Warm Wishes


                            • Suffering from colic and struggled to fall asleep

                              Dear Sister Jenny

                              I manage a Health Shop and recently we had a lady doing a promotion of your creams.  My father purchased a tub of your baby massage cream for my then two month old baby who was suffering from colic and struggled to fall asleep.

                              That night I began massaging her with the baby massage cream and within 20 minutes she was calm and falling asleep.  She is now 3 and a half months and after her evening bath we massage her body and face, which relaxes and calms her.

                              Your baby massage cream is wonderful and has not only helped with calming Emily, but also healed the cradle cap she developed behind her ears.

                              I will recommend your baby massage cream to all mom for their babies, who shop at our Health Store.

                              Many thanks

                              LISA C

                                • During my pregnancy with my twins

                                  Dear Sister Jenny,

                                  The first time I used your cream was after a demo by one of your ladies in the Northgate Pick n Pay a few years back.  I used it during my pregnancy with my twins – my husband used to rub my back, feet and legs with the “baby” cream – it was truly amazing.  I think after the birth of my twin boys – I do not remember much of the first year except “just trying to cope”. 

                                  The other day (Feb 2006)  I actually met you and you re – introduced me to your range of creams of which I bought the Multi purpose for myself and the Baby for the twins, well……….there’s no looking back at this stage, I have two very “wild” little twin boys that are 3 years old and nothing seems to relax them. I am very aware of what foods, cold drinks and snacks I feed them as I do not need any “added energy” to what they already have. 

                                  I have been gently rubbing the BABY cream on them after there bath and you will not believe how calm they become it is the first time that we have been able to dress them in less than 20 minutes as they usually riggle and worm all the time and it is a nightmare to dress them until now.  My maid now knows all she needs to do is rub them with the baby cream and life becomes easier.  They now settle down after they have been rubbed and dressed. 

                                  It truly is a miracle cream. 

                                  Thank you……………


                                    • Baby has a form of eczema on his legs

                                      Dear Sister Jenny

                                      We bought a tub of each of these creams at Pick ‘n Pay Princess Crossing.  My 15 month old baby has a form of eczema on his legs and cheeks in the winter, where he gets terribly dry patches.  After only ONE application of the baby massage cream, there was a HUGE difference.  I have been using it for a week now and the results are absolutely astounding.  As a mother of two, I would highly recommend the baby massage cream to any mom, whether your baby has a skin condition or not!

                                      My husband is a tradesman in the steel industry and as a result always has dry, rough hands.  He has been using the multi-purpose cream and cannot believe the difference.

                                      Thanks you for this wonderful product, which we will keep on buying!

                                      Kindest Regards


                                        • My babys eczema

                                          Good day to you

                                          About a year ago I got a pamphlet in Pick a Pay about Jen-Til Baby.  I read through it and decided to try it for my baby’s eczema.

                                          Now I have exactly the same story to tell as the one on the pamphlet.  I also tried all the advice I could get but only cortisone cream helped for Venessa.  After the second tube of cortisone and the doctor’s refusal to repeat the script, I decided to try Jen-Til Baby.  It wasn’t even necessary to use the whole container before she was completely healed.

                                          I am very impressed with the product and will recommend it whenever I have the opportunity.

                                          Kind regards


                                          (Mother of Baby Venessa )

                                            • My new found secret


                                              Since the start of winter my son (18 months) has had red & dry cheeks and dry skin on his back, arms and legs. (I actually had to photoshop some of his photo’s coz it looked soooo bad!) After trying everything, my mom gave me a jar of Jen-Til baby which she bought 2 years ago.

                                              I started using it on my son 2 days ago, and his cheeks are no longer red and almost completely healed! The rest of his skin is soft again (just a little dry on his back but hardly noticeable)!

                                              I was so amazed, I absolutely love the stuff!

                                              Where in Johannesburg (I am in Randburg/Sandton) can I get more?!!

                                              Thank you so much for such a wonderful product, I am going to share my new found secret with everyone!

                                              Kind Regards


                                                • Her skin was very itching especially at night

                                                  Dear Sister Jenny

                                                  Good day

                                                  I have been taking to you for the past 3 weeks about a problem of my 2 year old baby.Her skin was very itching especially at night,we have tryed everything even to take her to the skin specialist (Dermatologist) but with no luck.The itchiness was going away for few weeks then later come back,since we have bought the cream for baby that you have recommend to me its working well.Her skin is smooth anf fine and her complexion is back,i am also using it and after using it i feel and see a huge different.Thank you very much for the God given knowledge to heal his people.Please advertise your products from Radio and TV so that people can be healed.May God richly bless you more and more.