About the Company

 Sister Jenny JEN-TIL TOUCH is an agro-processing company. It was originally founded in 1992 by Sister Jenny and only incorporated in 2000. The company was called JEN-TIL TOUCH Clinic and now trades and ìs registered as 'JEN-TIL TOUCH', 'Sister Jenny JEN-TIL HEALING', and 'Sister Jenny JEN-TIL TOUCH'.

The company has been in the business of producing natural cosmetic skin repair creams. The formulations are an unusual blend of essential oils and herbs. Mixed according to a trade secret methodology with breakthrough technology.  The Sister Jenny JEN-TIL TOUCH product range has been tried, tested and proven to be of outstanding quality product. These products have aesthetic and cosmetic properties. PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN, Vegan friendly. No animal products, not tested on animals, Dermatologically Tested, No Synthetic colouring or synthetic perfume, No Parabens. Clinically tested to moisturize in minutes. We manufacture and sell the most outstanding natural healing and beauty creams, made from pure essential oils, herbs and vegetable oils.

These unique creams were developed by Sister Jenny to ease skin discomfort, pain and suffering, because of her love and compassion for humanity. The creams regenerate skin, and used for travel, as well as a first aid kit. The company also make creams, to ease arthritis pain, sports injuries and wrinkles.

The inventor and founder, Sister Jenny, has won numerous awards, and  has been recognized internationally, for the outstanding results on skin conditions, burns, wounds, and keloids.

Sister Jenny founded the company to help diabetics, whose feet cracked, which eventually could lead to leg amputations. The creams are clinically tested and scientifically proven to hydrate the skin, with visible improvement within minutes. These products, which she has been producing for 29 years, have saved children from being left with horrible scarring and are now used by plastic surgeons, nurses and doctors for skin repair and wound healing.
The company sells the creams through its retail shop in Pretoria  as well as the online shop and Takealot.com.