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Sister Jenny JEN-TIL Creams are "Nature at its Best"

JEN-TIL TOUCH manufactures and sells natural and vegan healing creams made up of pure essential oils, under the corporate brand name “JEN-TIL” supporting the brand “Sister Jenny”.

Sister Jenny's natural healing creams have become indispensable in homes, offices, at outdoor events and even in hospitals and clinics.

Because they were created with love and care and have been clinically tested, you can be sure of the highest quality product, as well as incredible results.

Meet Sister Jenny

Sister Jenny's Jen-Til Creams were developed by Sister Jenny, a passionate nursing sister and therapist, to improve the quality of life for people with pain or disability and to improve the comfort of the skin, especially in diabetics and people suffering from eczema and wounds that wont heal, and people with very dry skin.

These complimentary and cosmetic creams possess unique features. They are made to soothe and encourage the body to heal naturally, and their effects are extremely efficient and effective.