Sister Jenny Multi-Purpose Cream

Natural Multi-Purpose Healing in a Jar

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Do you or a family member ever suffer from dry, cracked, burned, itchy, or painful skin conditions? Have you ever suffered a serious injury or wound?
Of course you have! Everyone does from time to time. It’s a part of being alive.
But you don’t have to suffer for it.
It’s time to finally bring your suffering to an end with Sister Jenny’s Multi-Purpose Cream.
 Sister Jenny Multi-Purpose Cream is an amazing moisturizer that defeats even the most severe skin conditions, such as sunburn, chilblains, spider and insect bites, burns and wounds, eczema, cracked skin, or almost any other condition that irritate or tarnish your skin.
It works instantly when gently applied directly to the afflicted area and soothes and begins to rejuvenate in one minute.

What a joy it is when that burning, itching, scaling, or otherwise irritated feeling goes away!



sister jenny multi-purpose cream testimonial chilblains
Use it as first-aid for wounds, cuts, burns, bites, and stings. This cream is indispensable on a camping trip, at the beach or at a sports event.



Do you spend hours on your feet? Try massaging Sister Jenny’s Multi-Purpose Cream into your aching feet and feel the difference immediately!
This product has even been shown to ease headaches when applied to the temples, and soothe nausea when applied to the throat and chest.
sister jenny multi-purpose cream testimonial leg pain

It’s the most amazing skin cream formula ever invented.


Doctors and therapists trust Sister Jenny’s Multi-Purpose Cream to treat their patients suffering from “all sorts of ailments, from small burns in the kitchen to injuries, contusion, muscular pain, headaches and body aches and insect bites!” – testimony from a medical doctor.
Care givers use this remarkable product to massage their patients who suffer from circulatory and pressure problems.
Here are just a few examples of the incredible ways in which people's lives are being changed by simply applying Sister Jenny's Multi-Purpose Cream.

Our secret formula uses natural ingredients which include pure essential aromatherapy oils such as peppermint oil, tea tree oil, chamomile oil, jojoba oil and calendula extract and coconut oil, all perfectly manufactured by Mother Nature to soothe and heal.


Sister Jenny’s Multi-Purpose Cream is not tested on animals and is 100% vegan.
We suggest that you order enough to last the whole year.
Sister Jenny Multi-Purpose Cream isn’t available in stores.
But you can order Sister Jenny Multi-Purpose Cream right here.
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