How to help your very dry cracked fingers and hands in winter.

How to help your very dry cracked fingers and hands in winter.

Chilblains: or Winter Hands

Chilblains are itchy, red and potentially painful bumps that can appear on your fingers or your feet. The can crack,   bleed  and swell, and sometimes  even  become infected. They can lead to terrible discomfort. Often they are caused by extended exposure to damp and/or cold temperatures for long periods of time, usually due to one's working environment, or a hobby such as horse riding in winter. When the temperature changes it causes the blood vessels in the affected area to close (with cold) and expand (with heat) which can lead to agitation and hence swelling and inflammation, which we refer to as chilblains.

Sister Jenny's Multi Purpose Cream helps to increase blood flow, which stimulates healing. The natural, healing ingredients infuse into your skin and sore areas, aiding and abetting this healing process. For best results massage a liberal amount of cream into the affected areas three times a day, and make sure to apply for a few days after symptoms ease to avoid recurrence. Here is a video about chilblanes and Sister Jenny Multi-purpose Cream. 

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