First Aid for Burns: Sister Jenny Multi-purpose Cream to the Rescue!

First Aid for Burns: Sister Jenny Multi-purpose Cream to the Rescue!

Last week a young woman was preparing food at a market when the cooking gel exploded, causing her clothes to catch alight. I just happened to be eating lunch nearby, and actually heard the woman screaming. When I turned to look I saw the flames envelope her clothes. I ran to my own market stall to fetch 'Sister Jenny Multi-purpose cream' and asked someone to call for an ambulance. By the time I got back a few minutes later, the fire was out but 3 people had sustained burns. The lady who had been on fire was hysterical. Some people tried to help by throwing water on her. The poor woman was crying uncontrollably and people were still screaming from the shock of what they were witnessing.

Her teeth were chattering and she was in total shock. 

With some help, I was able to remove the clothing and then I immediately applied Sister Jenny Multi-purpose Cream, very thickly, all over her body: her chest, her legs, feet, arms and abdomen. Wherever she said she felt pain. The burns were spread over a large area, more than 33 percent of her body. Burns like this could cause serious and permanent tissue damage and scarring, but instead, even before she was taken to the hospital, one could hardly see where she had been burned.

Two other people had also sustained burns, including her mother.

I applied cream for her too, and she then kept her hand in a bucket of ice until the paramedics arrived. A man had burns on his arm and I applied Sister Jenny Multi-purpose cream, but unfortunately I had no bandages to cover it with. By that time the paramedics arrived in 3 ambulances. The paramedics took over and applied Burnshield over Sister Jenny Multi-purpose Cream as I directed, but only on the two with open burns. The first young woman who had been cooking received no Burnshield, because they could hardly see any burns, except on two of her fingers. They were taken to hospital for examination and they all insisted on going home a few hours later.

I am sharing the story to encourage people to make sure that they have Sister Jenny Multi-purpose Cream available for any emergencies.

Here are some ways that Sister Jenny Multi-purpose cream can help with skin burns:

If you get burned, immediately apply Sister Jenny Multi-purpose cream liberally over the affected area and bandage. Reapply every 2 hours and keep the area covered. When the dressings come off, continue to use Sister Jenny Multi-purpose Cream. Countless testimonials have shown that using Sister Jenny Multi-purpose cream after sustaining burns will lead to minimal scarring and will heal residual scaring.

Sister Jenny Multi-purpose Cream can also be used in open wounds and on leg ulcers, diabetic wounds, or any open wound or burn. Even on third degree burns. 

Sunburn can be very serious, so apply generously every 2 hours as soon as you get out of the sun, or after a cool shower. Read more on sunburn.

For every cut bruise and minor or major injury, blister, graze, or even a sprain, make sure that you never leave home without Sister Jenny Multi-purpose Cream.

If you are planning on braaing or travelling, you need to make sure you have a Sister Jenny Multi-purpose cream readily available.

Prevention is better than cure. Please spread the word to save more lives. This young woman has been spared skin grafts and all kinds of horrific experiences thanks to the incredible results of Sister Jenny Multi-purpose Cream.



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